The Lazy Photographer’s Way to Easy Photo Enhancement

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One of the best things about digital photos is that you can improve them. You can also do photo enhancement on film pictures, but it’s a lot harder. If you want to work on slide film or negatives, let someone else do it…

Generally speaking, if there is something wrong with your digital photos, there are a lot of things you can do to make them look better. It’s relatively easy to do this – no need to be a Photoshop expert or spend the next 36 sleepless hours trying to get it done.

So how to go about easy photo enhancement?

One of the best ways is to have a photo editor on your computer. Photoshop is king but Adobe Photoshop Elements is mighty good too. (You can get Elements bundled with software like the Bamboo Wacom photo pen tool). There’s also an image manipulation program called Gimp ( that people rave about.

Once you open up a photo in your chosen editor, a whole world of possibilities comes into play. Of course, how much photo enhancement you can do depends on what program you have, but most of them can do the basics.

adobe photoshop elementsSimple things like cropping photos to take out excess background, reducing images to a web friendly size, playing with contrast and brightness etc are easy first projects to get you started. Exactly how to do editing like that pay a visit to Youtube and look for “photoshop + step by step.”

Of course, there’s more complicated photo enhancement things you can do as well. If you’re confident on your Mac (or whatever you use), you can cut people or objects out of photos and insert them into another. If you’re editing people photos you can make people look a lot better than they are in real life. Don’t tell anyone I said that.

Mostly this type of photo enhancement is done for fun. But everyone will appreciate it if you can remove red eyes from flash, and no-one complains to much if they look slim and perfectly toned in the new photos.

Other editing basics are understanding how to fix scratches an old film photos (clone stamp tool), colour fixes if your cousin’s hair is looking green, or even doing something about scary photos taken under fluorescent light where everyone looks like they’ve just seen 40 Days Of Night.

On the other hand, if you’re absolutely hopeless at this tech stuff, just outsource your photo work to a place like oDesk or Fiverr. Good design always costs a pretty penny but more often that not you’ll get a good piece of photo editing out of it. (Or logo design if you want).

Good photo enhancement can really “lift” a poor photograph. You may have one of the most important and cherished photos ever which looks like it was taken by a blind leprechaun. It needs to look good. Get an expert photo editor on the phone, use oDesk or spend a few hours on Youtube and do it yourself. Piece of cake.

By the way I came across a AMAZING drawing tool recently called SketchBook Express (free) and it blew my mind. You might want to check that one out…

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