Delectable Food Photography

I never buy recipes books which have no pictures. I need to know what the end product looks like, otherwise what would be the point?   Food photographers are artists in my book. It takes a very creative and talented individual to make alfalfa sprouts (bleckh) look good enough to eat.   Of course, the […]

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5 Free iPad Apps for Photo Editing

When I got my iPad, I was thrilled about finally being able to conveniently and comfortably read my eBooks (try lying around and reading one using those ancient, clunky IBM ThinkPads. Go on now, try it. I dare you.) It never fails to amaze me, all the other wonderful stuff I can do with this […]

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A Great Way to Sell Your Nature Photos

If you are an amateur nature photographer and people constantly ooh and aah over your work, you may want to take the plunge and try to sell your work online. One awesome way of doing this is by making photo cards. Below are some tips on how to make nature photo cards: Select Your Best […]

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Advantages of Digital Photo Books over Traditional Photo Albums

A lot of the technology we use in our daily lives – mobile phones, laptops, iPads etc. are all equipped with a camera or two. Capturing a memory on film has taken on a whole new meaning. Unfortunately, more often than not your precious memories forever become your computer’s, locked away and forgotten. You could always print […]

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amazing military photos

5 amazing photos that would make superb military calendars

5 amazing photos that would make superb military calendars — depending on your point of view of course. Anyway you look at it, all these great photos required the photographer to actually be there, be part of that experience, while considering all the elements available to create a great image.         Photos […]

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alamy bangladesh shipyards photo

A Great Time to Sell Your Pictures With Alamy!

A great time to sell your photos with Alamy I have a few hundred photos with these guys… one of the first stock photo sites I uploaded my images to. Made a handful of significant sales… with stockphoto sites like Alamy you make good green when someone uses your photo especially the Rights Managed stuff […]

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adobe photoshop elements

The Lazy Photographer’s Way to Easy Photo Enhancement

One of the best things about digital photos is that you can improve them. You can also do photo enhancement on film pictures, but it’s a lot harder. If you want to work on slide film or negatives, let someone else do it… Generally speaking, if there is something wrong with your digital photos, there […]

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microstock photos that sell

How to Create Microstock Photos That Sell – The One and Only Tip That You Need to Know

Last week, while at the market, I have come across an old friend of mine. For a short period of time, we used to meet at university between lectures and observe ads on notice boards. It turned out that a good 75 percent of these adverts were looking for other students to share their rented […]

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How To Make A Photo Mug In 7 Ridiculously Easy Steps

Here's 7 ridiculously easy steps to make a photo mug, because I'm sure you're curious… I'm sure you already know that personalised, custom-made photo mugs are great for any age – people who receive a cool lil' photo coffee mug tend to hold on to it for years… and why not? Just so we're clear […]

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They Laughed When I Used Public Domain Photos To Create Photo Books – But When They Saw What I’d Done…

They could hardly believe it… The first time I heard about photo books being created I thought to myself "this is horrible!" (I could have sworn that I came up with that idea a few years back!) But, it was inevitable… take a couple of great photos, print them into a book, add cover and […]

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